Raisa Abal is a multidisciplinary artist who uses photography to tell stories. Her love for skateboarding centered her art around this fascinating culture, and that’s how Dolores Magazine was born, her publishing project dedicated to female skateboarding.

Besides photographing and directing the whole publication, her work has also been published in magazines, books, media and commercial campaigns related to skateboarding, technology and fashion.

Born in a small town in Galicia and now based in Barcelona, Raisa Abal has worked with a diverse array of brands such as Nike SB, Time Out, Free Skatemag, Vague Skate Mag, Thrasher Magazine, Vans, Snipes, Uniqlo, Lacoste, Canon Europe, Red Bull and Roland DG.

In 2022, she was awarded an Award for Promoting Female Skateboarding by Dogway Magazine, which goes to show her involvement in the scene and recognition by the public in Spain. Full of energy and ideas, Raisa never stops and keeps on creating work to put the spotlight on female talent and improve conditions for this minority all around the world, so you can rest assured: this is just the beginning.

Bio by Leticia Nogueira 
Portrait by Aida Bowman


For prints and art inquiries contact hello@raisaabal.com.